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Sustainable roads

Build roads with plastic wastes

At the start of this idea, there is the encounter with a road building company motivated to put this project in place.

To allow those who are the farthest to connect to the cities, many roads are already in construction in Sumba, but a lot more are still to be built.

We have also noticed that plastic wastes were starting to accumulate along roads and tracks.

This is why we want to use these wastes to build new roads.

This technology has already been used in several cities in India and Africa. It allows on the one hand to avoid the plastic pollution of the environment, and on the other hand to provide money to the populations by picking up the plastic.

The stakes are double: recycle plastic and build roads at a lesser cost.

The principle

Here are the different steps that allow to give plastic wastes a new use and to keep Sumba magical:

  • Collect wastes on the island

  • Separate and clean the plastic

  • Grind the plastic

  • Sell the chips to our associated road building company (Lotus TERATAI)

  • Incorporate 10% of those chips in the asphalt

  • Build the roads

The necessary resources

The money we will collect will be used to:

  • By the plastic that was picked up

  • Employ two wage-earning Sumbanese to separate and grind the plastic

  • Put the sorting bin into place

  • Raise awareness among the population (creation of booklets for schools)

  • Maintain the machines

Our supporters

We thank EXO Foundation, the Sumbanese government, Lotus TERATAI company and all our patrons!

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