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Sumba is an island of the Sunda, in the Indonesian territory. You can access it from Bali with a one-and-a-half-hour flight and yet, it is still isolated from the rest of the Indonesian archipelago.

In short, why Sumba?

  • One of the poorest islands in Indonesia

  • A rural population with a still strong culture

  • An island where development arrives rapidly

  • A wish from the government to make it a green island model

  • Avoid the reproduction of the same mistakes that have happened on other heavenly islands, devastated by tourism and pollution

Sumba Bisa

Sumba Bisa is a non-profit organisation, recognized as beneficial for the general interest, created in 2016 and that counts about 30 members today.

The association acts for the environmental and sustainable development of the island of Sumba as well as for the preservation of it biodiversity.

Sumba Bisa means “Sumba is capable of…” in Indonesian.


The aim of this association is to create local and lasting employment.

The spirit of this association is to conceive lasting actions, that is to say economically viable, respectful of the environment and job creating.

Our partners

  • EXO FOUNDATION: A foundation created by EXO Travel, a travel agency that is involved in varied lasting projects throughout Asia. Their participation allowed us to buy a grinding machine for the plastic, to renovate the processing premises and to put the project into motion.


  • The Sumbanese Government: For the plastic roads project. They wish to develop Sumba and they have been supporting us from the beginning of the project. The Sumbanese bureau for the environment gave us premises (which have been renovated with the donations we received) to process the used plastic, as well as trucks to collect it.


  • Lotus TERATAI: A company that builds roads and with which we have made a partnership. They buy the plastic cleaned and ground at Sumba Bisa. The difference between the price of purchase at the premises and the price of selling to the company will allow Sumba Bisa to finance the processing of the used plastic.


  • Local populations: They trust us and support us in all our projects

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