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Plants corals

Corals reefs to be protected

Global warming and ravaging fishing techniques have greatly damaged the Sumbanese coral reefs.

Situated in the coral triangle, Sumba is well aware of the importance of its reefs in order to maintain a responsible fishing activity, which is necessary to feed the population but also to develop tourism.

Sumba Bisa trains and finances Sumbanese fishermen so that they will replant corals.

Eventually, tourists and touristic organisations will be asked if they want to compensation their CO2 emissions by participation to the replantation of corals.

The principle

The different steps to see this project through:

  • Manufacturing of metal structures for the corals

  • Gather still alive detached pieces of coral

  • Attach those pieces of coral to the metal structures

  • Put the structures in water with floats to locate them

The necessary resources

The money we will collect will be used to:

  • Build the metal structures

  • Buy equipment (buckets, etc.) to gather corals

  • Pay for the gas

  • Rent a boat or buy one (if the funds allow it)

Our supporters

We thank EXO Foundation, the Sumbanese government, Lotus TERATAI company and all our patrons!

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